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Host live courses in a few clicks

Easily create, host and manage your live courses, webinars and workshops

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Create live bootcamps, cohort-based courses, and webinars

Design your curriculum

Organize curriculum with live events & lessons

Host free and paid lives events

No need for tools like Zoom or Google Meet

Manage your live courses easier

We take care of automatic reminders, payments, so that you don’t have to

Turn your course into a community

Give your students a virtual home

Make it easier for people attending your classes and sessions to connect with you

Interactive challenges and assignments

Make your courses more engaging with polls, assignments, and resources. This will improve retention and overall attendees engagement

Full access to your customers info and analytics

You own all customers info. Make better-informed decisions based on community analytics and their behavior.

Easier to sell and manage 1:1 sessions

✓ Simplest booking experience for your clients

✓ Add as many services as you want

✓ Integrate your calendars

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Only 2 minutes to make your first $

Beautiful Landing pages for you and your courses

Use our in-built templates to market your classes and sessions. An easier user flow leads to higher conversions.

Automatic reminders about events

We got you covered, no need to send reminders for your students by yourself

Receive payments from all over the World

Get payouts directly to your bank account without any extra fees

Simplest way to build & sell your course

✓ Beautiful landing pages

✓ Multiple formats: text, video

✓ Certificates for your students

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You own your audience and content

✓ Unlimited sales

✓ Full access to your customer data

✓ Dashboard with analytics to help you grow

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Why live courses are better?

Active learning, not passive watching

Live courses make students feel more engaged, and are more effective for actively learning

Easier to create and sell

Don't spend time on recording, editing and montage — just go live

A stronger, more connected community

Live classes and cohorts give students a stronger sense of community

No more limits for your expertise with Web

Qoob is $0/month. Seriously

We have no monthly charges and only take a small cut of every sale.
10% of your sales and no more than $30/month

Not sure where to start? Let's get you started

We’re obsessed with effective learning, and we’re here to help you launch your first course on Qoob. We’re here to support you every step of the way - from planning and organizing to going live and selling!

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Join the cohort-based revolution today

Knowledge Consultants and Experts

Scale your business from from 1-to-1 sessions to cohort-based programming

Influencers and Thought Leaders

Sell premium product for your fans and create more meaningful connections

Academies and Microschools

Build businesses that deliver transformative results for learners

Organizations and Platforms

Create engaging onboarding experiences for customers and employees.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Mashal Waqar

Managing Director, Milestone Ventures | Forbes 30 Under 30 | 2-time TEDx Speaker | Co-founder, The Tempest

Qoob for me was the easiest way to run live course for my cohort. By interacting with students so deeply, I discovered how I can improve my teaching experience. I really think that learning by practice is the next big thing

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Apply as a Learner
What is a cohort-based course?

Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a group of individuals advance through an educational program together

Are you free?

Currently for our early expert and academies we don't take any fees. We made this as "Thank you" for your believe in our idea and time

How you will help me in launching live course?

We already creating content for people who wants to start launching live courses. Also you could book a session with us where we will evaluate your case and create some step-by-step program for you